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As Per Latest Information BSNL extended the e-auction period of mobile vanity numbers to 16th January 2020.

BSNL extends e-Auction period of mobile vanity numbers to 16th January 2020.

The e-Auction time for mobile numbers has been extended, according to BSNL Kerala Telecom Circle, till January 16, 2020. Originally set to finish on January 13th, 2020, the e-Auction began on January 6th, 2020.

Because many consumers were having trouble completing the registration of numbers using the web portal at, BSNL authorities have now announced the extension of the closing date to January 16, 2020.

For this e-auction, mobile numbers with certain sequences—often referred to as vanity, fancy, or premium numbers—are offered. Through the web or SMS (only from a BSNL GSM mobile number), customers can bid on certain premium numbers. The e-auction registration and participation processes are really quick and straightforward.

The goal of BSNL is to provide a platform where consumers who are more interested in fancy numbers may access these premium numbers. Due to the extraordinarily strong demand for these numbers, they have been pooled for an online auction so that everyone has the opportunity to win the number of their choice by taking part in the auction. Overall, our website creates a transparent environment that allows the general public to learn more about our priceless services.


  • Customers must register for free by going to or the site.
  • Customers can register by clicking the “Login/register” link in the navigation bar. the customer’s email address and mobile number. Following a successful registration, the customer will get a password through email and SMS.
  • The consumer must choose “Login” and enter their username and password before selecting “Accept Terms & Conditions” to proceed.
  • A successful login will result in the presentation of the welcome page. Customers may change their passwords by selecting “Change Password” from the menu bar. The “profile form” is available for client completion. Customers can select their vanity numbers by selecting “Available numbers.”
  • The purchaser is required to pay the applicable registration cost shown next to the selected number.


The First Highest Bidder “H1” will be given a PIN through text message that will allow him to contact the closest CSC. After paying the bid money and plan fees, the consumer can join within 5 working days of receiving the PIN.

  • The number will be made available to the second highest bidder (H2) at the same H1 price if the first highest bidder fails to deposit the bid amount within 5 working days of notification.
  • The number will be made available to the third highest bidder (H3) at the same H1 price if the second highest bidder fails to deposit the bid amount within five working days of notification.

Are you interested in fancy, vanity, or premium numbers, readers? Have you taken part in the BSNL e-auction process? It is essential for business advertising to use flashy numbers. Please let us know your thoughts.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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