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According to the most recent information, BSNL will no longer provide Safe Custody plans for FTTH, Air Fiber, DSL Broadband, and Landline connections for a “minimal period.”

BSNL has revised Safe Custody plans to allow customers to repair their offerings before the minimum length of three months.

For Bharat Fiber (FTTH), Bharat Air Fiber (BAF), DSL Broadband, and Landline connections, BSNL recently revised the “minimum duration situation” of “Safe Custody Plans.” The minimum length restriction in Safe Custody plans was really removed by BSNL in order to allow clients to customize their services to meet the needs of customers.

As we recommended in May 2021, BSNL modified the monthly pricing for the Safe Custody plans such that the required minimum stay in safe custody remained at 3 months. Thus, only customers who do not intend to use their BSNL Broadband / FTTH or Landline phone connection for at least three months should choose secure custody services. Additionally, many had problems while attempting to return their purchases before the necessary minimum three months. Based solely on input from customers and BSNL subject units, the BSNL administration has now decided to change the minimum length requirement of safe custody contracts with immediate effect on a PAN India basis.

The following was said in an official statement from BSNL on the adjustment to safe custody plans’ minimum periods:

The ready authority has
decided ‘to loosen up the minimal duration of secure custody from three months to one month. However, subscribers can repair their
connection(s) whenever even within one month via way of means of paying month-to-month expenses of secure custody for the total calendar month at the
time of termination of secure custody.

Accordingly, the prices of the restored promotional/ordinary plan will be relevant from the date of withdrawal of secure custody.
All different phrases and situations shall stay the same. The above commands will be relevant with instant impact i.e., with impact from 28-07-2021 on the ordinary foundation in all of the circles.

What does BSNL Broadband, FTTH, Landline, and Air Fiber Safe Custody mean?

When not utilizing the service for a predetermined amount of time without disconnecting the services, users may keep safe their telephone facilities (Landline, Broadband, Bharat Fiber, or Bharat Air Fiber) with the help of the BSNL safe custody plan. Customers who enroll in a safe custody plan and pay a little fee can keep their telephone connection. For the duration of safe custody, both the telephone and broadband internet services will be disconnected. The BSNL Safe Custody policies ‘halt’ your services in actuality. By submitting your request in the required application form (application form for plan modification) at your nearby BSNL Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC), the services can be restored.

Bharat Fiber (FTTH), Bharat Air Fiber (BAF), DSL Broadband, and Landline Services BSNL Safe Custody Plan Charges (Applicable with effect from 10-05-2021 across all telecom circles)
Services Safe Custody Charges
Landline on Copper Rs 50/- month for Urban areas
Rs 30/- month for Rural areas
Landline + Broadband on CopperRs 150/- month for Urban & Rural areas
Fibre Based plans including Air Fibre having FMC.
below Rs. 801/-
Rs 200/- per month
Fibre Based plans including Air Fibre having FMC.
above Rs. 801/-
Rs 300/- per month

Terms and conditions for ‘Safe Custody’ plans include:

  • The subscriber must request in writing that the connection be maintained in “Safe Custody,” and this request must be in writing.
  • When in safe custody, all voice connections made through fiber must be treated as a single unit.
  • The consumer will be billed the aforementioned fees monthly from the time safe custody is proclaimed until it is cancelled. The customer must get the necessary training at the time the request is made.
  • The Partners shall get no revenue share for Safe Custody payments.
  • For keeping the modem, CPE, and accessories provided by BSNL/Partners in safe custody (i.e., not being the customer’s property), the client would be charged.
  • If a customer chooses the “half-yearly, annual, biennial, or triennial” payment.

How to Activate BSNL Safe Custody Plan?

Permission for the service will only be given in the case of a written request from the authorized subscriber to the pertinent commercial officer at a nearby BSNL Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC) that specifically requests that the connection (Landline, Bharat Fiber, or BBo Wi-Fi) be kept in “Safe Custody” as of the date. The advance rent must be paid along with the safe custody term application.

How can I get my Safe Custody BSNL landline, broadband, and FTTH connection back?

The release of a BSNL landline, broadband, FTTH, or Air Fiber connection will only be permitted with a written request from the client (Application form for Plan change). To get their telephone services authorized, a client must submit a written request to the closest BSNL office or BSNL Client Service Center (BSNL CSC). The consumer has an option of any plan at the time-of-service restoration.

Please spread the word about the updated safe custody fees to all of your family and friends who use BSNL services, dear readers. How many of you have enrolled in a BSNL Safe Custody plan?

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

The most current statistics indicates that in May 2021, BSNL added around 11.29 lakh new wireline customers.

As per the latest tariff revision, customers can choose from annual or monthly plan as per their choice with base plan starts from Rs 2200/- onwards.