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According to recent information, BSNL Bharat InstaPay is a practical approach to add money to an online account.

BSNL launched Bharat Instapay to facilitate digital payments.

To enable BSNL franchisees across the nation to make digital payments from anywhere without having to go to a BSNL office or BSNL Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC), BSNL established a new online digital payment platform called Bharat InstaPay in collaboration with State Bank of India (SBI).

This nation-wide network of BSNL franchisees is the only ones who can use this online digital payment platform. This implies that BSNL’s mobile franchisees, direct selling agents (DSAs), and FTTH franchisees (TIP/MSO/LCO) may all use BSNL Bharat InstaPay. To enable transactions through the new platform, each partner or franchisee will receive a special digital identifier (Virtual Account Number & IFS Code).

On March 12, 2020, the PSU debuted the Bharat InstaPay Digital Payment Platform. According to reports, the BSNL InstaPay technology supports real-time digital transactions so that franchisees and channel partners may easily shop online whenever they want. In an effort to streamline its current business procedures and provide business comfort for all channel partners across the nation, BSNL developed the Bharat InstaPay platform. This would assist partners’ businesses expand more quickly and increase BSNL’s credibility in the eyes of its partners.

What is a FTTH Wallet, CBP, or CTOP UP?

CTOP UP Wallet

For the sole purpose of recharging the mobile numbers of BSNL Prepaid Mobile Customers, BSNL Franchisees and Retailers have developed a virtual wallet called Channel Top Up (C Top Up) on their prepaid mobile numbers. For CTOP UP transactions, BSNL would provide unique SIM cards with particular features. The closest BSNL Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC) is where new retailers and DSAs may obtain their BSNL CTOP UP sim card. For every recharge or top-up transaction made using a CTOP UP number, BSNL will give a commission. The merchant must put money into his or her CTOP UP wallet in order to recharge or top up BSNL prepaid mobile numbers.

CBP Wallet

Additionally, you may pay your BSNL post-paid bills at retailer stores for your BSNL landline, BSNL broadband, or BSNL mobile service. Additionally, a special wallet is made for this under the franchisee’s, retailer’s, or DSA’s current CTOP UP number. A shopkeeper must put money into his or her CBP wallet in order to pay consumer bills via CBP.

FTTH Wallet

The FTTH Wallet, which is only available to BSNL’s Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Franchisees, was recently announced by the company. TIPs, LCOs, and MSOs benefit from FTTH Wallet since they will receive their commission in real time. Through FTTH Wallet, BSNL FTTH franchisees and LCOs may directly take payments from BSNL FTTH (Bharat Fiber) consumers. A BSNL FTTH partner (TIP/LCO/MSO) must load money into his or her FTTH wallet in order to process client payments.

BSNL FTTH Wallet & Benefits to LCOs/TIPs

The following actions must be followed for online payments and stock purchases for wallets for CTOP UP, CBP, and FTTH:-

Now, let’s look at further information and the step-by-step process for utilizing InstaPay for Online Stock Purchase for CTOP UP/CBP/FTTH wallet. Each BSNL franchisee must first register online using the BSNL Bharat InstaPay site, which is a one-time verification process conducted automatically. The following stages make up the one-time procedure for obtaining a dedicated account number.

Step : 1 Each Franchisee/DSA should one Registration to the BSNL Instapay Online Portal.

Step : 2 Login to Registered account

Step : 3 Add the CTOP UP to the registered account with the sales type being CTOP UP/ CBP/ FTTH.

Step: 4 Each CTOPUP number and sales type combination will receive its own unique account number after being properly uploaded.

The following procedures must be followed in order to make the real online payment:-

Step : 5 Payments should be made using NEFT or RTGS to the designated dedicated account number.

Step : 6 Amount will be added to your FTTH, CTOPUP, or CBP wallet.

Step: 7 All logged-in Channel Partner users have access to a dashboard where they can keep track of all their transactions.

Steps for Registration to BSNL Instapay Portal

  • Open the web browser in your desktop or mobile.
  • Navigate to
  • Click on ‘REGISTER’ link for franchisee registration.
  • The form shown in the image below will be shown.
  • Users need to fill the above information correctly like ERP Customer code, CTOPUP No, Circle code, SSA code, Channel Type, Sale Type and Captcha code.
  • User should select the Sales type based on sales like CTOPUP/ CBP/FTTH
  • Click on Submit Button
  • On submission, the data will be validated against the ERP Customer code, CTOPUP No, Circle, SSA.
  • If the information is accurate, the user will be sent to a screen (as shown below) that contains information on the Dedicated Account. The Account information will depend on the chosen Sales type.
  • The user must provide the information (such as their mobile number, email address, and password) that they will use to log into the program in the future.
  • Click on Submit button. The account will be successfully created.
  • The user will be navigated to Dashboard.


  • Login to the Channel Partner Dedicated account Portal (BSNL InstaPay Portal) using the credentials entered while Registration.
  • Click on Submit.
  • The user will be sent to the Dashboard page after a successful login.

Users of BSNL InstaPay Dashboard receive the following features: –

  • All accounts added to the user account can be seen or deleted by users.
  • Details required for making a RTGS/NEFT payment can be checked All the NEFT/RTGS transactions can be viewed.
  • Profile information of the registered users.
  • Editing the profile information.
  • Changing the password.
  • creating a new password should the user forget their current one.
  • More CTOPUP numbers can be added to the same account, to get the
  • Dedicated Account numbers for them.
  • To add more CTOPUPs to the same, select New TAB from the Dashboard account.
  • After clicking, a form similar to the one below will be presented.
  • Users need to fill the above information correctly like ERP Customer code, CTOPUP No, Circle code, SSA code, Channel Type, Sale Type and Captcha code.
  • Click on Submit Button.
  • On submission, the data will be validated against the ERP Customer code, CTOPUP No, Circle, SSA.
  • If data is correct, user will be navigated back to Dashboard screens with Dedicated Account details of new account added.

Important Points to remember:

  • If a CTOPUP number performs numerous sales types, the user must add it more than once with each distinct sales type.
  • For instance, if CTOPUP number 9414XXXXXX is handling FTTH, CTOPUP, and CBP sales, he must provide this CTOP UP number with each of the three sale categories, and three distinct dedicated accounts will be shared.
  • An 18-digit dedicated account number will be used. The first four digits will be BSNL, the next four digits will be CTOP/FTTH/CBP for the appropriate CTOP UP/FTTH/CBP sales Type, and then the 10-digit CTOP UP number.
  • For instance, the Dedicated Account number for Sales type CTOPUP for CTOPUP number 9414XXXXXX will be BSNLCTOP9414XXXXXX.
  • Only NEFT and RTGS transactions are required.
  • There may be just one transaction each day.
  • As soon as the transaction is received at the portal via NEFT or RTGS, the money will be credited to the CTOPUP account within 10 minutes.

Steps for doing NEFT/RTGS Payment:

  • Users need to go to Bank page for doing the NEFT/RTGS Payment.
  • The user should use online banking to log into their bank account.
  • When adding a payee to an account for the first time, the user must utilize the information shown below.
  • BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED is the beneficiary, and its IFSC code is SBIN0004266.
  • Account Number: (Shared after addition; dedicated Account number).
  • Type of Account: Current Type
  • The user must send a NEFT or RTGS payment to the added Account after the Payee has been added successfully.
  • After successful payment, the amount will be credited to the CTOPUP.
  • when the transaction is received at the site, within 10 minutes.

Dear readers, we kindly ask you to pass along this useful information to the BSNL Franchisees, Retailers, DSAs, and LCOs so they may make use of this online service during this epidemic.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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