As Per Latest Information Bell Canada Announces the Expansion of 5G+ Service in Manitoba

Bell MTS has expanded 5G+ coverage to 40% of Canadian population.

Bell rolled out 5G+ service in Manitoba, offering customers faster, more responsive speeds. This implementation of the 3,500MHz radio spectrum has expanded 5G+ coverage to more than 40% of Canada’s population. Bell MTS also announced a broadband rollout program in rural Manitoba.


  • East St. Paul, Headingley, St. Andrews, and Winnipeg now have Bell 5G+ service.
  • The mobile experience in Manitoba will be better, with quicker speeds and more responsiveness.
  • In Manitoba, Bell has the quickest 5G network, per the PCMags 2022 assessment.

One of Canada’s biggest telecom firms, Bell, has announced that its 5G+ service is now available in Manitoba, giving users access to the nation’s fastest mobile technology up to this point. The service is anticipated to be quicker and more responsive, giving consumers a better mobile experience. East St. Paul, Headingley, St. Andrews, and Winnipeg now have Bell 5G+ service.

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Bell 5G+ Coverage to Over 40% of Population

In the summer of 2022, Bell started rolling out the 3500 MHz wireless spectrum, bringing 5G+ services to parts of Ontario, Atlantic Canada, and Western Canada. Bell now provides 5G+ coverage to more than 40% of the Canadian population, with peak theoretical download speeds of 3 Gbps in some regions, thanks to the addition of Manitoba. More than 70% of Manitobans are serviced by the Bell 5G Network.

Bell Customers can Experience Canada’s best network.

Bell 5G+ speeds are available right away to customers with suitable 5G+ devices and pricing plans, as long as they are in Manitoba’s 5G+ service zones. The greatest network in Canada will continue to offer 5G, LTE, and 4G to those outside the service boundaries.

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Bell MTS’s All Fiber Connections Rural Broadband Expansion

Bell MTS, a Bell subsidiary, has recently unveiled plans to link more Manitobans to new economic prospects by continuing to invest in broadband in towns all throughout the province earlier this month. Several towns, including East St. Paul, Gimli, Headingley, Ste. Anne, Teulon, and West St. Paul, will receive all-fibre connections as part of Bell’s fully funded rural broadband expansion program. These connections will offer high-capacity 100% fiber connections with internet download speeds of up to 1.5 Gbps and access to popular Bell MTS services like Fibe TV.

Bell MTS has been accelerating the expansion of its wireless home internet, 5G, and broadband fibre networks, spending more than CAD 1.3 billion on capital projects since 2017 to provide access to high-quality connections for more Manitobans.

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