Airtel Payments Bank and Pay craft Solutions are set to establish an AFC system for Surat Metro, according to the latest information.

Airtel Payments Bank and PayCraft Solutions to set up AFC System for Surat Metro.

The contract to set up the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System for the planned Surat Metro in collaboration with Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) has been given to Airtel Payments Bank and Pay Craft Solutions.


  • The National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) and Mobile QR ticketing will be supported by the system to provide digital payment options at the 38 metro stations.
  • In order to facilitate smooth transit on the Surat Metro and other transportation systems around India, NCMC and EMV cards will be distributed.
  • In order to offer a top-up (recharge) service, Airtel Payments Bank teamed up with Delhi Metro in January 2023.

Airtel Payments Bank and Pay Craft Solutions have been awarded the contract to design, manufacture, supply, install, test, commission, and maintain the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system for the upcoming Surat Metro, as by Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) announced.

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Surat Metro’s Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System

According to the agreement, Airtel Payments Bank and Pay Craft Solutions will implement digital payment solutions at these metro stations using the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) and Mobile QR ticketing in addition to installing the AFC system for the future 38 stations of the Surat Metro.

EMV cards and NCMC will enable seamless travel.

The two businesses will issue NCMC and EMV cards, enabling hassle-free use of the Surat Metro and other open loop transportation systems around the nation, as well as retail sales and e-commerce transactions. When permitted by governmental authorities, the card can be used to make purchases from merchant establishments.

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The cooperation with GMRC, according to a statement from Airtel Payments Bank, seeks to enhance customer satisfaction and significantly reduce passenger turnaround time. Additionally, it will support the development of a user-friendly and secure digital payment infrastructure.

Pay Craft claims that this collaboration would enhance the consumer experience by delivering a smooth ticketing process from beginning to end. Digitalization will ease traffic at ticket booths and encourage safe, easy, contactless travel. It is a significant step towards real interoperability in India’s transportation system.

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The partnership between Airtel Payments Bank, Pay Craft Solutions, and Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation is a step towards true interoperability for transit in India, in line with the nation’s vision of one nation one card.

Airtel Payments Bank and Delhi Metro joined in January 2023 to offer passengers a top-up (recharge) option for Delhi Metro’s smart card.

Customers of Airtel may access the services of Airtel Payments Bank on their mobile phones by using the Airtel Money app, a web-based platform, USSD by dialling *400#, or a straightforward IVR by dealing 400.

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