As Per Latest Information Airtel Partners with Secure Meters to Power 1.3 million NB-IoT Smart Meters in Bihar

Airtel’s NB-IoT platform is future-ready and scalable to 5G.

Airtel has partnered with Secure Metres to offer NB-IoT services to the 1.3 million homes in Bihar, India, that utilize smart meters. This is the first fallback-capable NB-IoT system created in India. Future-proof, Airtel’s NB-IoT technology can grow to 5G.


  • In order to roll out Narrow Band (NB-IoT) services for smart meters in Bihar, Bharti Airtel collaborates with Secure Meters.
  • The installation, India’s first NB-IoT solution on a narrow band with a fallback option on 2G and 4G, will power 1.3 million households.
  • The NB-IoT platform from Airtel is 5G scalable and future-proof.

1.3 million homes in Bihar will now have smart meters thanks to a collaboration with Secure Meters and Bharti Airtel, one of the country’s top telecom service providers. Narrow band (NB-IoT) services will be used to power the smart meters. With a fallback option on 2G and 4G, this deployment will be the first NB-IoT solution in India and will ensure the uninterrupted flow of crucial data in real time.

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Narrow Band – IoT

The 3GPP-developed NB-IoT low-power, wide-area radio network technology supports a wide range of IoT gadgets and services, including smart meters. As the biggest cellular IoT provider in the nation, the cooperation will help Airtel maintain its leadership position.

IoT is one of Airtel Business’s fastest-growing business categories, and its entry into NB-IoT enhances its reputation in the field, according to Bharti Airtel. Airtel hopes to actively participate in India’s energy revolution and establish itself as a top partner for Discoms considering a smart meter investment.

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Airtel’s NB-IoT platform

The NB-IoT platform from Airtel is said to be 5G-capable and future-proof. The Airtel IoT Hub, its cutting-edge IoT platform, has been modified to meet the requirements of AMISPs, or advanced metering infrastructure service providers. Customer lifecycle management and sophisticated analytics tools are further features.

PAN India NB-IoT Network Presence

The network from Airtel is prepared for NB-IoT deployment across the country and is built for greater coverage to meet the unique requirements of the IoT sector. With the assistance of Secure Metres, Airtel will be able to maintain its position as the market leader for cellular IoT while assisting India’s energy industry in its transformation to a smarter and more sustainable future.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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