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As per latest information Advisory to BSNL Subscribers concerning faux messages for finishing KYC

BSNL Informed KYC msg are not send by BSNL

State-run telecom major – BSNL has issued a press launch to its esteemed clients concerning faux messages being despatched via way of means of fraudsters for finishing KYC of the cell connection. Most of the BSNL clients are becoming those varieties of faux SMS messages which teach clients to proportion their KYC info via way of means of calling a cell number.

These fraudulent SMS messages further caution BSNL subscribers to finish their KYC verification as soon as possible in order to maintain the use of their mobile number. If they fail to do so, their mobile number will be deleted. In the majority of these situations, fraudsters use customers’ KYC information to fraudulently take money from their bank accounts. Common headers for these messages include CP-SMSFST, AD-VIRINF, CP-BLMKND, BP-ITLINN, etc.

Because of the aforementioned, BSNL authorities have said that their company does not send false KYC verification messages, and users are urged not to respond to them.

Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulation, 2018

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) notified Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulation, 2018 dated nineteenth July 2018 to minimize the hassle of Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC). The goal of the brand-new law is to efficaciously cope with the nuisance of junk mail skilled via way of means of the subscribers. The new gadget becomes applied with impact from 1st April 2021. In this new gadget, obligatory registration withinside the DLT platform is needed to ship all business communique to their subscribers/prospects. Moreover, the SMS template additionally wishes to be registered with telecom provider providers. This gadget will lessen the share of SMS fraud in view that any SMS that isn’t always proven via way of means of the telecom provider company may be blocked and now no longer introduced to the customers.

To combat the issue of SMS Template Registration, fraudsters began utilizing personal mobile numbers.

It should be mentioned that spammers started using personal cellphone numbers instead of SMS headers such – CP-SMSFST, AD-VIRINF, CP-BLMKND, BP-ITLINN, etc. following the launch of SMS template system with the aid of DLT platform functioning in block chain technology. Below is a sample of one such message one of our readers recently received:

When a call was placed to the aforesaid number, a guy responded and identified himself as a BSNL Customer Care Executive before requesting that the caller complete the KYC verification by installing an app (BSNL Quick Support) from the Google Play Store. He said that this is a one-time task that must be completed online. The caller ID for the above phone in True Caller is ‘BSNL KYC Department Vinay Sharma’. The very next day, when we tried to phone the same number, we discovered that it had been shut off.

Spammers are increasingly using personal cellphone numbers as a result of the installation of the SMS template filtering system. This occurrence is not unusual. Our readers are receiving more spam messages lately from 10-digit personal telephone numbers.

Please share this crucial information with all of your friends and family, dear readers. You could be asked to disclose your Aadhar, PAN, or other personal information by fraudsters, thus we should be careful not to give out our personal information to other parties. How many of you have already been the recipients of such phony calls and SMSs? Please let us know what you think.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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