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As Per Latest Information Activate SIM PIN lock to protect the card from unauthorized use.

Wrong PIN/PUK code can cause SIM card blocking/rejection.

Most mobile phone users may have encountered SIM card blocked/rejected issues because they entered the wrong PIN or PUK while changing security settings on their mobile phones.

Smartphone users typically set up fingerprint locks, face locks, password locks, pattern locks, and other security measures to secure the sensitive information they save on their devices. But how can we safeguard the information on our mobile SIM card? Since our cell numbers are already connected to bank accounts, Aadhar numbers, billing information, and transaction OTPs, our SIM card data is more sensitive.

SIM Lock Facility with PIN Code for Added Security

By turning on the SIM Lock feature on your phone, you can only secure the data contained on your SIM card. The PIN (Personal Identification Number) number is designed to prevent illegal usage of your SIM Card. The smartphone will prompt you for your SIM PIN every time you restart it or insert a SIM card from another phone once you enable the SIM lock function. Without authentication, the SIM card won’t be used at all.

How to Enable SIM Lock Facility?

Next, click Privacy, More security options, or Other security settings.

Then Tap on the desired SIM Card to Set up SIM card lock.

To enable SIM card lock, enter the PIN code now.

Default PIN code

For prepaid and post-paid BSNL Mobile subscribers, the default PIN code is 0000. It’s recommended to modify the default PIN at all times. Since you type the new PIN directly into your phone, nobody can ever locate it.
To obtain the default PIN code for other private operators like Airtel, Jio, and Vi, please call the Customer Care lines of the relevant telecom service providers.

How can I change default SIM MPIN?

Tap the “Change SIM PIN” option, then input the old and new MPINs to change the default MPIN on your SIM card.

Option to Change SIM PIN

What should I do if I’ve forgotten my PIN or accidentally disabled my card by entering the wrong PIN?

Your SIM card will get banned after three incorrect PIN entry attempts, at which point it will request the SIM PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code. Only the PUK code may be used to unlock a SIM card that has been blocked owing to an erroneous or mistaken PIN.

PUK code is an 8-digit code that may be obtained by calling the toll-free customer care line or visiting the nearest BSNL customer service center. You might need to provide the customer care representative with the 19-digit number displayed on your SIM card in order to obtain a PUK code for your phone number.

The device will prompt you to input a new PIN (Personal Identification Number) when you enter the PUK code. We advise using a PIN number other than the standard PIN 0000. You will then need to input the new PIN again for confirmation.

SIM Rejected due to Incorrect PUK Code

To enter the proper PUK code, you have 10 attempts. After that, you won’t be able to use the card again because it will be entirely deactivated. It is impossible to unlock a SIM card that has been blocked by the PUK code; it can no longer be used, and you must purchase a new one.

How long would it take to unlock a BSNL cellphone that has been banned by PUK?

By inputting the proper PUK code (a 8-digit code), your banned BSNL SIM card will instantly get unlocked. The PUK code for your number must only be obtained from a BSNL Customer Care Representative or the nearby BSNL CSC.

What fees are associated with obtaining a BSNL PUK code?

The BSNL PUK code is free to use. For the BSNL SIM PUK code, you can get in touch with the local CSC or customer service.

Whether the process is different for PUK Code BSNL Post-paid SIM and Prepaid service?

The procedure to get BSNL SIM PUK code is the same for both Prepaid & Postpaid mobile customers.

Is it possible to obtain the BSNL PUK Code via SMS?

No, it isn’t accessible right now. Only BSNL CSC or a BSNL Customer Care Executive may provide the BSNL PUK code.

Is it feasible to obtain a PUK code for BSNL without a SIM card?

Without a 19-digit SIM card number, it is impossible to obtain the BSNL PUK code. If your SIM card is missing, you can obtain a spare or replacement SIM at the BSNL Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC) that is closest to you.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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