The latest information states that 2Africa Subsea Cable has arrived at a port in Egypt.

2Africa cable links 33 countries with 180 Tbps capacity.

As the largest underwater cable ever deployed, the successful landing of the 2Africa cable in Port Said, Egypt, represents a tremendous advancement in global connection. With a design capacity of up to 180 Tbps and connections to 33 different nations through 46 landings, the cable makes it possible for more than three billion people to communicate.

The 2Africa ship successfully completed its journey and landed in Port Said, Egypt, on the Mediterranean coast. With this success, Telecom Egypt infrastructure will now smoothly match traffic between Africa, Asia, and Europe while connecting the biggest underwater cable ever built, representing a significant improvement in global connectivity.

Port Said’s First subsea cable landing

This successful landing marks the end of 2Africa’s landings in Egypt as well as the beginning of its newly created, diversified, and fleeting crossing pathways. Additionally included is Telecom Egypt’s Red Sea festoon. The occasion also marked the first underwater cable landing in Port Said, according to a LinkedIn post by Telecom Egypt’s senior manager for international business development.

2Africa Cable

16 fiber pairs from 2Africa link 33 nations through 46 landings and improve global connectivity by connecting the Gulf and India to Europe. The cable, which has a 180 Tbps design capacity, enables connectivity for more than three billion people. The 2Africa cable’s initial landing in Genoa, Italy, was announced by 2Africa. The cable’s production and installation are being handled by Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN), and they are scheduled to be finished in 2024.

One of the largest underwater cable projects in the world, 2Africa will connect Europe (through Egypt to the east), Asia (via Saudi Arabia), and Africa across a length of 45,000 km. By closing the connection gap in underserved and rural regions, the 2Africa initiative intends to accelerate the development of 4G technology and make it easier for the extension of 5G and fixed broadband access.

The development of the 2Africa cable was announced in May 2020 by Meta (formerly known as Facebook), Telecom Egypt, China Mobile International, Global Connect, Orange, STC, Vodafone, and the West Indian Ocean Cable Company (WIOCC).

23 nations in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe will be connected by the cable as it circles the African continent. This project has made tremendous progress with the successful cable landing in Port Said, Egypt.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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