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In order to support the CGHS, ESI, and CAPF programmes, the Department of Telecommunication has assigned new short codes 12890 to Sabarimala Pilgrims and 14588 to the National Health Authority (NHA).

BSNL allocates New Short Codes : 12890 – To Sabarimala Pilgrims & 14588 – To National Health Authority for CGHS, CAPF & ESI schemes

For the CGHS, ESI, and CAPF programs, the Department of Telecommunication has assigned new short numbers 12890 to Sabarimala Pilgrims and 14588 to the National Health Authority (NHA).

According to DOT guidelines, BSNL launched these new short codes as a Category-1 Service. It implies that all Indian telecom networks would offer these recently announced toll-free short codes. Short Code 12890, which was given to Sabarimala Pilgrims, is a paid service rather than a toll-free number, while Short Code 14588 is the latter.

All 50 states and the union territories of the country can use the recently introduced short codes 12890 & 14588. All Local Exchanges, TDM Tax, IP Tax, Soft Switches, Mobile MSC, GMSC, WLL MSC, and NCNGN switches throughout all telecom circles will open these short codes.

The short code (12890) designated for Sabarimala pilgrims has the following features:

  • Category-l service’ (i.e. mandatory service to be provided by at the Access providers)
  • Accessibility: Un-restricted, i.e. available on STD also
  • Metered Service: The caller may be assumed to be in payment when they use the termination number 04735-203100.

The termination number 04735-203100 will be linked to the Sabarimala Pilgrims’ short code, 12890. Prepaid and postpaid mobile users from all zones as well as other private operators must be able to access the short code 12890 and STD Code + 12890 routes to BSNL in accordance with the current routing guidelines. Call billing is valid in accordance with the interconnect agreement.

The National Health Authority’s Toll-Free Short Code (14588) for the CGHS, CAPF, and ESI programs has the following features:

  • Category-l services, or those that Access providers are required to offer,
  • Unrestricted accessibility; also available on STD
  • Caller pays for metered service.

Beneficiaries of Central Health Schemes including CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme), ESI (Employees’ State Insurance), and CAPF (Central Armed Police Forces) Insurance Schemes can contact the National Health Authority using the short code 14588. The general public will be able to reach this short code by calling a Toll-Free number that is also STD-compatible.

Please tell your friends and family about these just introduced short codes if they might need this important information.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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