Orange Expands a 1 Gbps Fiber Optic Network to 32 New Locations in Moldova

Orange Moldova expanding fiber optic network to revolutionize internet access in Moldova.

Orange Moldova invests heavily in extending its fiber optic network to new towns and cities around the country in order to provide better connections. The expansion’s cutting-edge technology, which includes the Internet Box and Orange TV Box 4K, will give customers a unique experience.


  • Orange Moldova makes investments to expand its fiber optic network in order to reach more of Moldova.
  • The Orange TV Box 4K and the Internet Box are only two instances of the top-tier technology that is offered to clients.
  • Local celebrations are planned in each location to mark the network expansion.

Orange, Moldova’s leading mobile service provider, is extending its fiber optic network to a number of locations around the country. The company claims that Orange’s fiber network, with its vast coverage and existing presence in over 430,000 households in Chisinau, its suburbs, and other places, is poised to transform internet access in the country.

Advanced Equipment for Enhanced Experience

Orange offers consumers a smooth and unrivaled experience with the Internet Box, which contains four high-performance antennae. With over 120 channels and Android TV capabilities, the new Orange TV Box 4K redefines television viewing and allows customers access to a wide choice of Google Play applications and games.

Customers who subscribe to mobile voice, according to Orange Moldova, will get twice as much mobile internet each month and a lifetime discount on TOP mobile subscriptions. These benefits apply to all mobile voice lines connected to the same account.

Orange’s Fibre Infrastructure

Due to Orange’s major investment in fiber infrastructure, residents in 32 localities, including Drochia, Comrat, Balti, Ialoveni, Orhei, Straseni, and Cahul, may now access high-speed Fiber Internet at home at speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second.

Orange provides internet services as well as digital television options with up to 180 channels that cater to a variety of hobbies and activities.

Throughout 2023, Orange’s fiber network will continue to expand, and Orange Fiber Internet and Television service will soon be accessible in 12 more regions.

Community Celebrations for New Locations

To mark the rollout of Fiber Internet and TV services, Orange hosted a unique celebration. The people of Drochia joined in a happy celebration in the Orange Zone of the city. In Drochia, people of all ages built robots, rode stationary Orange bikes, enjoyed thrilling slides, and gave their old phones to be recycled.

According to the statement, Orange Moldova’s investment in fiber optic infrastructure and technological accessibility aims to assist the country’s digital development and provide residents with better communication alternatives throughout diverse regions of Moldova.

Orange Moldova

The largest mobile provider in Moldova is Orange Moldova, a subsidiary of the Orange Group, which has over 288 million members in 26 countries. Orange Moldova serves more than 2.6 million customers with mobile voice and data services, Fiber Internet, and TV services.

As Orange builds its fiber optic network, it brings the promise of high-speed internet and television to more locations, fostering digital growth and improving connectivity for Moldova.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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