This time, the PSU has announced the introduction of three new Unlimited Broadband Internet Plans: 100GB CUL @ 299, 200GB CUL @ 399, and 500GB CUL @ 555, which will be available regularly on all telecom circles beginning on March 1st, 2021.

PSU has introduced the release of 3 new Unlimited Broadband Internet Plans

Happy News to all BSNL Customers because the kingdom-run run PSU has begun rolling out rewarding gives and schemes to its clients in all of the verticals viz – Mobile, Bharat Fiber, Landline, DSL Broadband, Air Fiber, Broadband over Wi-Fi, etc.

This time, the PSU has introduced the release of 3 new Unlimited Broadband Internet Plans – 100GB CUL @ ₹299, 200GB CUL@ ₹399, and 500GB CUL@ ₹555 on the everyday foundation on all of the telecom circles with impact from 1st March 2021. All those plans provide limitless records with a download velocity of 10Mbps and a post-FUP download velocity of 2Mbps. All 3 plans provide authentic limitless voice calls to any community at no extra cost. The 100GB CUL plan is a promotional plan and a good way to be sole to be had to new clients for the primary six months. After that, the plan might be modified robotically to a 200GB CUL plan.

All the above charges are excluding GST.

Conditions for supplying the aforementioned DSL Broadband plans include:

  • These plans won’t be offered using FTTH (Bharat Fiber).
  • To automatically switch customers who did not choose a normal DSL/FTTH Broadband plan at the time of CAF filing from the plan “100GB CUL” to the plan “200GB CUL” once six months have passed since the day the BB connection was activated. Customers may also get appropriate notice of automated migration in advance. When filling out the CAF (Customer Application Form), the customer’s permission will be obtained in this respect.

In addition to the nearest customer service center and BSNL Franchisee/Retailers, the above Broadband plans can also be subscribed to by calling BSNL Toll Free number – 1800 345 1500. The above instructions shall be implemented from 01-03-2021 on regular basis in all the circles (except the A&N circle).

BSNL Free Installation Charges Offer Till 31st March 2021

BSNL introduced a FREE Installation Offer for new landline, broadband, FTTH, and air fiber connections through March 31, 2021, as we previously reported. Therefore, new broadband customers who activate a BSNL DSL Broadband internet connection in March 2021 may receive a discount of Rs 250 on installation fees. Existing landline-only customers can also take advantage of this fantastic offer to get a FREE DSL Internet connection from BSNL. Customers who exclusively use landlines can visit the closest BSNL Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC) or BSNL telephone exchange to take advantage of this program before it ends, that is, before March 31, 2021. All three of the recently introduced plans are normal plans, therefore they will continue to be offered until further BSNL directives. Free Installation Offer, however, is only valid through March 31, 2021.

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Dear Readers, do let us know in the comments what you think about these recently released BSNL DSL Broadband Internet Plans. How many of you are still connected using BSNL DSL Broadband? How many individuals have moved to Bharat Fiber? Let’s have a conversation.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

According to the most recent information, BSNL will extend the duration of its freebies to 60 days rather than 45 days as a promotional offer that will be made accessible in all telecom circles.

As per the latest information, this promotional plan will be available for a limited period up to 31st March 2021 in Kerala Telecom Circle