According to the most recent information, (BSNL) today announced the immediate launch of its promotional Bharat Fiber Broadband plans, Fiber Basic, Fibre Value, Fibre Premium, and Fibre Ultra for a promotional period of 90 days.

BSNL re-release of the Free Installation

BSNL has announced the re-release of its promotional Fibre Basic, Fibre Value, Fibre Premium, and Fibre Ultra Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Broadband plans for a promotional period of ninety days with an immediate impact. This statement was made in due time following the April 2021 re-release of the Free Installation Offer for brand-new BSNL broadband and internet connections.

On October 1, 2020—BSNL Foundation Day—BSNL introduced this promotional Fiber Broadband (BSNL FTTH) strategy. These plans completely changed the FTTH market because, up until that point, BSNL’s FTTH plans had not been comparable with those of other commercial ISPs. After the launch of these cost-effective and worthwhile FTTH services, BSNL may be able to add millions of new Bharat Fiber (FTTH) connections each month. The most well-liked of them was the beginning plan. With a set monthly price of just Rs. 449 and a download speed of 30 Mbps up to 3300GB, it was known as the Fibre Basic package.

The following terms and conditions apply to the Fibre Value, Fibre Premium, and Fibre Ultra plans offered by Bharat Fiber Broadband:

The aforementioned fees do not include GST. In the event that a subscriber chooses not to participate in the aforementioned “Fibre Premium” and “Fibre Ultra” plans, the bundled “Disney+Hotstar” premium plan membership will be canceled. On migrating to another internet plan, a membership to the “Disney+Hotstar” premium plan won’t be given. Only a few SSAs across all circles have access to the aforementioned plans.

Fibre Basic Plan’s terms and conditions are as follows:

The GST is not included in the above costs. The package will only be offered on a promotional basis to new consumers of broadband. After six months have passed from the date of activation, customers who choose the “Fibre Basic” plan will automatically switch to the “Fibre Basic Plus” plan. Customers will receive appropriate prior notice regarding the automated plan transfer after six months. At the time that the CAF (Customer Application Form) is filled out, the customer’s permission will be obtained in this respect. In addition to the nearby customer care center and BSNL Franchisees/Retailers, customers may also sign up for the aforementioned FTTH Broadband services by contacting the toll-free number 1800 345 1500. These directives must be followed as soon as possible during a 90-day promotional period.

BSNL FTTH (Bharat Fiber) – Superior Performance Guaranteed!

Because of its improved performance and guaranteed download speed even during peak hours, BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Broadband connections are becoming more and more popular among internet users throughout India. The only supplier of broadband internet services that was able to maintain its data network without any outages or speed variations after the Covid-19 pandemic breakout was BSNL. Because of their subpar network management, the majority of private Fiber internet providers during the post-pandemic era failed spectacularly.

True Unlimited Voice without any additional cost !

Customers who choose Bharat Fiber connections may make genuine unlimited phone calls to any network for no extra charge. Customers may call any landline or mobile number in India for an actual infinite number of times.

Bundled OTT & IPTV Services!

The PSU is now updating its network components in preparation for the nationwide rollout of IPTV services in India. The PSU recently introduced Yupp TV services, via which a client may take use of live TV, music, and movies offered by BSNL Cinema plus services in addition to Disney+Hotstar services included with certain plans. The BSNL Cinema Plus service provides access to more than 300 live TV channels, 8000+ films, 500 TV shows, web series, and original shows in more than 10 languages. Customers may access OTT Content on many devices with BSNL Cinema Plus.

BSNL allows 10% Discount for Government Employees

One more argument in favor of BSNL FTTH. Yes, the PSU has introduced a 10% monthly rent reduction that is only available to government and PSU employees. For landline, ADSL Broadband, and Bharat Fiber services, the discount program is available to active and retired Central Government, State Government, and PSU employees (both current and new customers). Presenting your work certificate or pension book at the nearby BSNL Customer Service Center will qualify you for this discount if you are an existing customer.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

As per latest information as we reported on 23rd February 2021, the scheme of waiver off installation charges was initially launched till 31st March 2021.

As per latest information BSNL has announced the launch of new exclusive unlimited Bharat Air Fibre Broadband plans across all telecom circles