In April, there are 8 family-friendly movies available on Amazon Prime Video.

Rangamarthanda, Pallu Padama Paathuka, Hondisi Bareyiri all have positive reviews.

In April, Amazon Prime Video will release a variety of new movies, including ones in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Japanese. Rangamarthanda, a Telugu family drama, Pallu Padama Paathuka, a Tamil zombie comedy, and Kabzaa, a Kannada murder thriller are a few of the noteworthy movies.


  • Rangamarthanda is a Telugu-language film with positive reviews for its family drama and outstanding performances.
  • Pallu Padama Paathuka is a Tamil-language zombie comedy with a blend of horror and humor that has earned excellent reviews.
  • Hondisi Bareyiri is a Kannada film with positive reviews for its coming-of-age story that perfectly captures college life and friendships.

With a great selection of new movies available on Amazon Prime Video in April, enjoyment is elevated to a whole new level. Get ready to gorge on Telugu dramas, Tamil comedy about zombies, and American romantic films. The OTT platform’s subscribers receive a constant stream of entertainment. Check out the list of noteworthy releases, then get some popcorn and get ready for some pretty amazing streaming!

The list of new movies coming to Amazon Prime Video in April is as follows:

Hondisi Bareyiri

The director of the Kannada film “Hondisi Bareyiri” is Ramenahalli Jagannatha. The movie follows the lives of five engineering college students as well as the challenges they face as adults. The movie has received praise for its coming-of-age story, which faithfully captures college life and the connections made there.

Release date: April 1, 2023

Pallu Padama Paathuka

“Pallu Padama Paathuka” is a zombie comedy in Tamil that was made by Vijay Varadharaj. The story of the movie centers on a group of five young individuals who, after making the decision to commit suicide in a lonely forest due to their issues, wind up working together to combat a legion of zombies instead. The film’s combination of humour and terror has gotten rave reviews.

Release date: 2 April 2023


Produced by Sev Ohanian and Aneesh Chaganty in 2023 under the direction of Will Merrick and Nick Johnson, “Missing” is an American screen life thriller. The story of the movie, which stars Storm Reid, Nia Long, and Omar Epps, centers on a young girl called June who looks for answers after learning that her mother vanished when she and her new boyfriend were on vacation in Colombia.

Release date: April 6, 2023


The major actors in Krishna Vamsi’s Telugu movie “Rangamarthanda” are Prakash Raj, Ramya Krishnan, and Brahmanandam. The main character of the movie is Raghava Rao, a stage actor played by Prakash Raj who wants to retire and leave his money to his kids. Positive reviews have been given to the movie for its heartfelt family story and superb ensemble work.

Release date: 7 April 2023

Maheshum Marutiyum

“Maheshum Marutiyum” is a Sethu-directed and Maniyanpilla Raju-produced Malayalam love comedy. After a protracted separation, Mamta Mohandas and Asif Ali are reunited in the movie. Viewers have given the film favorable reviews, and some social media users have placed it as the seventh-highest grossing Malayalam movie.

Release date: April 7, 2023


Sai Ronak and Avika Gor play the main characters in Murali Gandham’s Telugu romance comedy “Popcorn”. A youthful, energetic guitarist and a would-be vocalist with a deteriorating health are the subjects of the movie when they become caught in a mall elevator. The next stage of the situation’s development is what matters.

Release date: April 8, 2023

Maybe I Do

In the American version of this romantic comedy film directed by Michael Jacobs, Diane Keaton, Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey, and William H. Macy are among the cast members. As a couple waits for their parents to meet in New York City, the movie follows them.

Release date: April 10, 2023


Sri Siddeshwara Enterprises’ “Kabzaa” is a Kannada criminal thriller with Upendra playing the protagonist. The narrative of a criminal who rises to power is shown in the film, which takes place between 1947 and 1984 in a city resembling Mumbai.

Release date: April 14, 2023

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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